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    The Will to Create

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    Freedom is diverse, statism is not

    R.S. McCain asks a pertinent question regarding Glenn Beck and his detractors. As the importance of a broad alliance against progressivism/statism increases with each new announcement of government encroachment into our lives, now is not the time to nitpick on who's valuable and who's not -- every clear-throated voice which reveals the over-reach of government and the growing corruption is needed and valuable.

    Conservatives, libertarians, true liberals, independents without a political designation -- everyone is needed to represent the diversity of freedom.


    What the information age is about

    Thanks to R.S. McCain, I saw this ad for a Green Tea Party -- getting information out that's contrary to the drumbeat of the MSM. This is the value of the information age and the recent efforts to take back information from the status quo filtering process -- giving people alternative views so they can research and hopefully find the truth.


    More frivolous, gutless charges of racism

    Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs has joined the gutless crowd of "racist" slingers who are placing themselves in the position of approbium in the eyes of all reasonable people who give a damn about fairness and the evil of real racism. May his stupidity make him invisible -- now, he is to me.

    I understand how it feels to be accused falsely of racism, and if R.S. McCain is from Georgia, then he probably wants to handle it the old fashion way -- a good bop upside the head -- I know I did the few times it's happened to me. About three years ago on a writers' workshop site I was attacked by a rabid gang of progressives who escalated their attacks on my libertarian views until it grew to baseless charges of racism -- their proof was that I live in Georgia, have blonde hair and believe in limited government and capitalism.

    They harassed me at that site then followed me to another writers' site and harrassed me there. Recently there have been implications made of racism, merely, I suppose, because I don't have much regard for our interventionist government.

    These types of frivolous charges have a way of backfiring. As I wrote in the comments section to Friedersdorf's post regarding Limbaugh, or something, that went off into racism -- I grew up in the 50s and 60s, born 1953, and witnessed the evil of true racism, and for people to frivolously use this charge in a nation with a black president, simply for political and personal vendetta reasons, is inexcusable -- and it's an insult to all who have experienced racism. I'm not saying racism has disappeared, but this crap by Johnson and others is ignorant and childish.


    Hannah the Courageous

    R.S.McCain has some pictures of Hannah (I think she might be able to go off first name only, now).

    I'm sure there will attacks and defenses and spins and rationalizations from ACORN and their political connections, but today Hannah is an American heroine.