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    The Will to Create

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    Let's not lose focus

    While media re-create the Cold War and Stalinize Putin so that Americans have a good News Movie to watch 24/7, and a old/new villain to hate and fear, it pays to resist this diversion and stay focused on what's really threatening America and the entire world -- State power, interventionism, socialism, dictators, militarism. If we get our house in order maybe we can inspire other nations to live freely and peacefully, but we're headed toward, or already bogged down in, the same socialist/statist/interventionist/militarist nightmare.

    All nations can do much better if they limit the power of government and learn to live in free cooperation with each other, reducing government to protectors of individual rights and borders. There will always be some nation or group of people who wish to do harm, but all serious, civilized, industrialized nations ought to be disgusted and completely overwhelmed with statist failures at home and the violent results of interventionism abroad. Developing nations should see what's happening and yearn for liberty and inclusion in free trade not controlled by super-power cronyism. Nations can cooperate and prosper in free trade just like individuals can cooperate and prosper in a free market.

    Ukraine is a regional problem -- America would send troops into Mexico if the current President of Mexico had been otherthrown by revolutionaries supported by South America, Cuba and Russia. Let's not lose sight of the bigger picture, because these conflicts are symptoms of fundamental problems, and until the fundamental problems of State power are dealt with, these symptoms will continue to appear and each intervention will cause more symptoms and more interventions and more symptoms and more... until WWIII breaks out and violent insanity returns that might not leave much at all standing.

    It's all the US can do right now to turn around our country and avoid complete collapse.


    Ukraine and Russia

    Rather than toothlessly command other countries to act right, Obama should use his voice to rise above the battle in Ukraine and speak of liberty with poetry, intelligence and passion. I know, I know -- he can't. This is a great opportunity, though, to contrast a reactionary, statist Russia with a country like Ukraine that ostensibly wants to break free of oppressive control.

    I don't know what's behind the violence, and I don't know the extent to which the US has intervened already in Ukraine behind the scenes. If it's the same old political games that the US and Russia have played for a century, I won't be surprised. What would surpise me is if US leaders did something different, something creative, smart, inspirational and transcendent. Can we break out of the predictable power moves and lead by Great Ideas and moral suasion? The world is building up to a big moment but no one is prepared to act in the name of liberty, peace and justice. Those silly principles we're too sophisticated to embrace. It's pitiful and sad when there's such a moral and intellectual vacuum that  Putin is considered the world's most influential man.


    The Smear and Destroy campaign against Snowden and Greenwald

    Since when did so many Americans, especially those who once fought for civil liberties, become so trusting in government? Our Founders, at least many of them, had a profound distrust of government, but they believed a central government was needed to deal with security issues and to settle disputes by rule of law. Government wasn't designed, though, to be trusted -- government was limited by the Constitution because government can't be trusted to limit its own power.

    Since the the turn of the 20th century, especially, propaganda campaigns created to brainwash the American public regarding the wonders of a progressive, interventionist government have had their effects, and now it appears most Americans have no problem trusting government even when shown that government is violating the Constitution and officials are lying to us on a regular basis. What Snowden has uncovered regarding NSA's violation of the 4th Amendment should be enough to force a change of government, but there's more anger at the whistleblower and the journalist who enabled the whistleblower to get his information out than there is anger at government officials and elected representatives who allow it to happen.

    All that the administration had to do was send out a General with brass on his chest to make a baseless claim that Snowden has endangered national security, and everyone swallows it and screams for Snowden's head. It's like over half the American public has been trained to respond to the government's commands. This submission to authority is so un-American it's scary. No one has made a case that Snowden's information has hurt national security, and Snowden is traveling to China and Russia because he wants to complete what he started -- he has to avoid arrest, so these countries are his best route. The silly, sophomoric taunts that he must like tyrants are wearing thin. There's no evidence that Snowden has given information to Russia or China that puts us at risk. The Snowden attackers have acted as if Snowden has been walking around China and Russia with a laptop in his hands with the information on the laptop.

    Snowden said he gave the information to journalists, so that they can decide what is dangerous to national security. There's no evidence Snowden has been held by Russian and Chinese intelligence and forced to give up information. Greenwald has stated that they, the media who received the information, took care with the information given to them, and so far I've seen nothing that comes close to information that should be top-secret to start with. Americans need to pay attention to what our government is building, because it's a structure that is designed to control and manipulate information -- this is how tyrannical governments come into being. This information system being built can be used for political purposes, and whoever controls the information controls everything. But the authorities have told you to trust government, so Americans are safe and secure -- they told you so. Holy crap, wake up.



    The world is struggling toward a free market

    In China, although State capitalism is misguiding the market spirit, there's still the market awakening which affects the Chinese people and will drive them to want more freedom -- the same is true in India and other countries joining in the global economy. Russia is also making great strides. Ironically, America's having difficulty understanding this struggle which it should be leading and supporting rather than hiding from as if the global market spirit is a threat.

    How sad would it be if America and Europe collapse in statist insanity as China, Russia and other countries who were once anti-capitalist move closer to free market principles and become the movers and shakers of economic growth? We should cheer these countries on, compete with them, cooperate with them and grow with them. The last thing America needs to do is shrink cowardly in protectionism.


    War drums and hyperbole

    When someone on the Right goes too far with slippery slope arguments and has us all under communist rule in a few years if Obamacare is not repealed, they are castigated and ridiculed by more reasonable and sober thinkers -- however, this morning, Romney was asked what he will do about Iran, and Romney went from Iran's blustering to Hamas and al Qaeda with nuclear weapons threatening America. Patriotic warriors and progressive hawks do this all the time, and hardly anyone calls them on the hyperbole, yet Ron Paul is called an extremist because he does call the hawks on the hyperbole and takes a more reasonable, sober approach.

    If Iran developes a nuclear bomb, will they arm Hamas and al Qaeda with nuclear bombs, and will these terrorist groups obliterate Israel and attack America with nuclear weapons? What do you have to believe to accept this scenario as viable? First, you have to believe that Iran is going to create a nuclear and delivery capacity necessary to be a real threat to our national security, then you have to believe that Iran would arm terrorists with the weapons and delivery mechanisms, then you have to believe that the terrorist groups would use the nuclear weapons against Israel or the US.

    Who in the world stands to gain from a nuclear attack on Israel or the US? No one. Also, Israel has the nuclear capacity to deter attack through assured mutual destruction. Given this fact, the hawks' whole argument is predicated on terrorist insanity -- we have to believe that at the leadership levels, there are insane men who will destroy themselves, their families, their countries and their religion just to bomb Israel or the US. If Iran arms the terrorists and has led the nuclear attacks, Iran will be destroyed. Who would even back the idea of Iran attempting to destroy Israel and the US? Not China, because China depends on our economy being strong in order to sell us their goods -- the same with Russia, India and many other nations. Europe certainly wouldn't stand by, fearing they are next. It would be beyond insanity for Iran to put itself in a position against the world to start with, but if they actually launched an attack, Iran would be nothing but a memory.

    These scenarios are fantastical, and it's easier to believe that America could turn red. Seriously, these hawkish nightmare scenarios are just as kooky and extreme as the rightwing fear of Obamacare creating communist rule. America doesn't have to live in fear -- we're better, more reasonable and courageous than that. The hawks are simply justifying expanded military intervention for other purposes, but national defense is not one of those purposes.