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    The Will to Create

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    Meet the Press 9/5/2011 -- Bigger, Smarter Government

    On Meet the Press, Tom Friedman, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Maxine Waters, Paul Gigot and Sam McKinnon discussed how government can become smarter and, thus, bigger and more helpful. Friedman did his cutting edge act, while Waters, unimpressed, said politicians just needs to get their hands dirty and fight for more assistance to the poor -- if we only pour more money into education, the poor can get those hi-tech jobs that Friedman talks about. McKinnon, as usual, said nothing about both sides of each issue discussed, thus maintaining a label-free and substance-free position. Gigot hinted at the fact that perhaps a statist system should be looked at, and Goodwin gave the historical justification for Big Government interventions, because, afterall, we've tried the free market and all we got were robber barons -- Kearns conveniently left out the historical account of government interventions going back to the beginning of the country and how robber barons were supported by crony government officials, but who's concerned about real history when progressive history has more populist appeal?