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    The Will to Create

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    Ted Cruz

     I heard Ted Cruz, the Texan running for the Senate, in an interview today, and he appears to be the real deal. I would like to know more about his foreign policy position -- if it's not the standard stay the course and kill terrorists stuff spouted by all Republicans, and is actually thoughtful and insightful about what's best for America and our military, then I'm all in. There's nothing wrong with killing terrorists is they are an actual threat to national security, but we need thinkers in DC who will develope a non-interventionist policy that is strong on defense for real defense needs,


    Dorgan and Dodd calling it quits

    Senators Byron Dorgan and Chris Dodd are quiting the senate. Good. Perhaps they see the writing on the wall and want to go out unscathed. It's my hope that a lot of long-time, statist, professional politicians go out and allow fresh blood in -- although I imagine the Democrats are looking at the pragmatic solution of pushing out dinosaurs likely to lose to get younger Democrats in, but it might be that the voters are tired of the policies more than the policy makers -- this could mean new ideas entering the senate.

    I think voters will look at individuals more closely based on their ideas regarding governance, so even if Democrat is replaced by Democrat, there is no gaurantee that the old statist ideas will survive.